Esther Aleida Trio

‘’A combination of the sixties, jazz and a large dose of improvisation”

By applying diversity in patterns, rhythm, and multi-instrumentality, this jazz folk trio from Arnhem leads you through different worlds full of mystical stories, surprising turns, and modern fairytales. Vocalist Esther expresses a lot of joy and enthusiasm/passion in her vocals.
Thanks to improvisation, her compositions sound slightly different each time they are played. Because of this, every concert by this trio is unique.
Guitarist Rocco Romano and saxophonist Inga Rothammel complete the trio’s sound with rich, warm tones.

With their daring but fitting improvisations they add new pages to the story. The wilful compositions are reminiscent of singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom, but also exhibit hints of the sassiness of Fiona Apple. The preference for music from the sixties, inspired by her father’s vinyl collection, also shines through in Esther’s songs.