Esther graduated from the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem in 2017 with a specialization in jazz and pop. There she was introduced to the freedom of musical improvisation. To her, the magic of improvising with other musicians is the most beautiful thing in the world. Classes on free improvisation also taught her the freedom provided by bending the traditional verse-chorus-bridge structures of songs into something that truly suited her needs to express her musical creativity. A new world opened up for her. Now there is nothing in the world she likes better.

In 2011, Esther formed the musical duo “11minuteslate” with Annika Schima and in 2017 she formed the “Esther Aleida Trio” with Rocco Romano and Inga Rothamel. In 2017, she also had the opportunity to play some of her own compositions in collaboration with the Ereprijs orchestra. She likes playing solo concerts as well, where she accompanies herself on guitar and piano.

After her graduation Esther played concerts on various locations. In the Netherlands she mostly performed in and around Arnhem, but with her guitar by her side she also travelled to places across Europe such as Linz (Austria), Skopje (Macedonia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Brussels (Belgium), Emmerich, Dortmund, Münster, and Osnabrück (Germany).