A journey through time in a wilful, musical world is what you can expect from a show by 11minuteslate. Every composition by Annika Schima (keys) and Esther van Maanen (vocals) is its own little universe.

They take you on a trip through various points in musical history: Sometimes you find yourself at the bar of a smoky bluescafé in the twenties and a moment later you are grooving along with them to an energetic woodstock-like jam. Some pieces transport you to the future with undiscovered sounds expressed in surprising rhapsodies. On top of that you can expect creative jazz influences. The transitions flash by so fast sometimes that it might feel like you’ve travelled a lightyear.
Annika and Esther often add guitar, melodica and percussion to their palette of sounds. And when you least expect it, Annika pulls out the baritone horn she found in her grandfather’s attic.
Forget the time, and let yourself get carried away by the engaging stories and thrilling songs of this musical combo.

Annika and Esther have been playing music together since 2011, before they had even started their studies at the conservatory in Arnhem. After performing on plenty of Dutch stages and recording their first EP, they travelled to Germany in the summer of 2019 to make their debut there. The finale of this successful Netherlands-Germany tour took place on the main stage of Luxor Live in Arnhem, where they played as the opening act for their musical hero Ben Caplan.

11minuteslate is currently on track fine tuning its second EP, which will be released in the spring of 2020. After the release show, they won’t sit still for long. The plan is to pack the bags, along with the new EP, and conquer the Dutch and German stages.